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ISIT CANopen Safety Certifiable Stack SIL 2/SIL 3

The CANopen Safety Certifiable SIL2 / SIL3 stack from ISIT meets the needs of Safety applications and allows you to use the CANopen protocol while benefiting from the elements necessary for the certification of your product with an approved body: documentary package, unit and integration tests, test reports.

ISIT also offers 2 other versions of its CANopen stack:


With ISIT_COSAFE, ISIT takes an additional step in securing systems, by offering the only CANopen “ready to use” stack available on the market with Safety extension (compliant with standard EN 50325-5), delivered with its certification pack.

This allows the rapid integration of a CANopen stack into a product subject to the requirements of different operational safety standards (IEC 61508, DO-178C, ISO26262…) up to the highest certification levels (SIL 3 or DAL A for example), while benefiting from an incomparable ROI vs. a proprietary solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Pre-certified "COTS" software
  • Compliant with the safety extension of CANopen (CiA 304)
  • Certification Pack Available
  • OS and CPU independent architecture
  • Delivery of ISIT_COSAFE as source code

The ISIT CANopen Safety Certifiable stack thus meets the needs of "Safety" applications requiring certification of your product with an approved organization and allows you to use the advantages of the CANopen protocol while benefiting from the elements necessary for certification: documentary package, unit and integration test plans, test reports.

Safety applications, for which operational safety is a major issue, need to meet stringent standards and are subject to certification by an independent body. This work, which is based on a long and very costly process, generates very significant costs and delays. It must be taken into account from the start of the project and requires strong expertise, both in industrial protocols as in embedded applications and certification requirements.

In order to adapt to different industrial fields and varying levels of security requirements, ISIT offers a scalable solution, based on a similar code, with several levels of certificates as well as possibilities of evolution towards higher certification requirements without having to modify the protocol layer.

Functions overview

  •       Master & Slave
  •       SDO: Client/server in expedited mode
  •       PDO Rx/Tx: Static Mapping
  •       SYNC
  •       EMCY
  •       HEARTBEAT
  •       SRDO: Safety producer / consumer – Static Mapping
  •       Objects Dictionnary:
    • Independent and editable before use
    • Source code generation from EDS file


Upon request, ISIT can adapt the stack onto a specific system and perform the necessary test sets to approach the certification process with confidence.

Content of the delivery

  • CANopen Safety stack: Software provided as source code for the stack and the driver
  • Usage and certification documentation:
    • Safety manual
    • User manual
  • Test plan:
    • Unit
    • Integration (MS Word document)
  • Test reports (unit, integration, validation)
  • Sample application program for the
  • ISIT_COSAFE implementation
  • Support and maintenance included for the first year

Additional services

  • Trainings on CAN/CANopen
  • Operating System and CPU porting
  • Integration with customer application
  • Application development