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ITTIA : How to Develop Data Management Security Protection for Embedded Edge Devices

You are invited to our webinar on May 26th!
Device data management and data distribution security is a fundamental concern for every connected device and embedded systems. Get a quick start on development of your next embedded IoT data management project; during this webinar, learn embedded device data security vulnerabilities and risk management options.

Build and Secure Flexible Device Data Management in the Era of IoT

Security is a key priority for application developers of embedded systems and connected devices. The Internet of Things (IoT) generates an unparalleled volume of data that is analyzed by devices to produce meaningful information. Yet devices encounter the potential for security compromises, so IoT security requires a multi-layered approach. Enabling embedded system to securely collect, manage and distribute data is an essential part of building embedded systems.

With a live demonstration, we will introduce security options for embedded edge devices data management and distribution, show how to securely manage device data, and discuss strategies to manage the device security risks while keeping the benefits of IoT.