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Audit Consulting

Discover all the audit services offered by ISIT

Cybersecurity: Architecture analysis

Coding rules development

Inter-protocol gateway development

Source and binary code audit, Software vulnerability detection

Unit test campaign

On-site analysis and diagnosis of your industrial protocol networks

Development process audit for certification

Audit of the Risks and Vulnerabilities of your embedded systems (SAR)

Drawing up specifications

IT security audit

Audit and Consulting is a professional analysis carried out by a competent and impartial expert, resulting in a judgement and a recommendation in relation to a project, a standard, an organisation, a process, etc.

Combining their skills with an outside view, ISIT experts will help a project or operational team to define or optimise an architecture, implement and follow a methodology, identify malfunctions and make the right choices for a project or organisation.

What is a software code audit?

A software code audit is an in-depth examination of the source code of a computer programme to assess its quality, security, compliance with standards and performance. The main objective of a software code audit is to identify and correct errors, security vulnerabilities, violations of good programming practices, performance issues and other potential problems in the source code.

Here are some of the key elements of a software code audit:
  • Error identification
  • Security
  • Compliance with standards
  • Performance
  • Recommendations

A software code audit can be carried out at various stages of the software development cycle, including during initial development, during ongoing software maintenance or before the deployment of a new version. It aims to ensure that the source code is robust, secure, high-performance and compliant with quality standards (ISO26262, IEC61508, IEC62304, ISO21434, DO178C, DO254...).